Satak Support White Label Program


Satak Support’s white label program can help you become the next big thing. You can establish your own brand using our software technology without worrying about innovating and updating to new tech. We’ve got you covered there.

We are committed to provide you nothing but the best experience. Browse through our portfolio of software and choose the best suited solution for your business needs.

Satak Malware Buster (Anti Malware Software)

Satak Malware Buster is a handy and user-friendly antivirus solution aimed to serve in protecting the contents of your computer from various infections, while also allowing you to clean and detected intrusions with ease.

Satak Malware Buster protects your computer against any form of malware by running complete system scans or by creating custom scan schedules with this simple security application.

Burglar Capture (Anti Laptop Theft)

Satak Support’s Burglar Capture consists of two part. One is a desktop agent that remains on the computer and keep on working silently, second is an online panel that triggers the desktop agent and keeps all the reports.

Burglar Capture works in the event when you either misplace your laptop or when someone steals your computer. It gathers information about the burglar like his location and clicks his pictures using the webcam and send compiled reports to the owner making it easy to track the thief.

Tech Scam URL Blocker

Tech support scams are quite common, and they are especially effective when encountered by inexperienced PC users. They work by displaying a pop-up message when you visit certain websites, locking up your browser and giving you the impression that the only solution is to call the suggested telephone number.

Tech Scam URL Blocker is designed to help you fight off these threats, as it detects known phishing websites and enables you to shut down your browser when the pop-up message is displayed.